The 13 Supplements That Changed Our Editors' Lives


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When it comes to vitamins and supplements, everyone's got opinions. Some people swear by a daily multivitamin. Others can't be without their probiotics. Some need a nootropic for increased focus and energy. And there are those who take all of the above and then some to feel their best. All of the information out there can be downright overwhelming.

When you take vitamins and supplements, it's important to keep in mind that it's not exactly one-size-fits-all because every body is different. That's why one of the first steps before taking something new should be to talk to your doctor or trusted healthcare professional who knows your health history and can help you choose brands and formulas that are safe and fit with your lifestyle. 


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While keeping that in mind, we also wanted to know which vitamins and supplements worked for other people. So we polled our editors and staff at THE/THIRTY and Who What Wear to see which ones really made a difference for them. Take a look below and see what they had to say. But remember: Before you take any of these, do your research first and always proceed with caution. You never know how it will affect you, for better or worse.

1. Hum Nutrition Skin Heroes

2. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil

3. Seed Daily Synbiotic (Monthly Subscription)

4. Standard Process Cataplex B (360 Tablets)

5. Hum Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair

6. Nobi Nutrition High Absorption Magnesium Complex

7. Designs for Health Magnesium Buffered Chelate

8. Goop Nerd Alert

9. The Beauty Chef Gut Primer

10. The Nue Co. Debloat Food + Prebiotic

11. Winged 10 mg CBD Gummies, Sleepy

12. NatureWise Vitamin D3

13. Hum Nutrition Mighty Night


This article is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be used in the place of advice of your physician or other medical professionals. You should always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first with any health-related questions.

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