Why I Think One-Piece Swimsuits Are Sexier Than Bikinis

In the world of swimwear, the reigning mass-approved opinion is that skin is definitely in. Even though the experts we've consulted advise that one-piece swimsuits and high-waisted bottoms are officially trendy right now, the attitude at large is that only the skimpiest of bikinis will do.

Well, I'm here to do my part to put an end to that way of thinking. In fashion, everyone who's anyone knows that the trick to good dressing is actually David Blaine levels of magic; no matter how thin you are, how beautiful you are, and so on, if you wear ill-fitting clothes, you will not look stylish. The same principle applies to swimwear—it's all about the illusion, presenting the best version of your body, even when you're lying poolside.

That, to me, translates to one thing: The one-piece is where it's at. In my years of lounging by the pool and hitting the beach, I've seen thousands of different bodies in bikinis, and I vehemently believe that almost no one looks truly good in them. The only women who look flawless in bikinis are those who are airbrushed on the cover of Sports Illustrated. With enough Photoshop, everyone looks amazing!

In real life, though, the female form is best presented in the most flattering light possible—and depending on your shape, there's a one-piece for you. If you're super-athletic and fit, perhaps the occasional cutout is good for you. If you're well endowed in the chest, the deep plunge is your friend. If you're blessed in the rear, go for a boy short or even a barely there thong cut.

My point being most women look better in maillots. And when all else fails, it's better to leave a little something to the imagination.

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