I Live in Texas and Always Get Compliments on These 4 Styling Tricks


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When I’m looking for forward and elevated style inspiration, Shadi Ojelade’s feed, @scarletkent, is always a go-to. The Austin-based influencer’s wardrobe seems to include a mix of modern basics and trend-driven staples. So naturally, her outfit formulas are top-notch. And given that she lives in Texas, she’s used to crafting quite the range of eye-catching ensembles that suit a variety of seasons. "The weather goes through all seasons in one day in Texas (especially Austin), so there are a few standout ways I dress to still look effortless and in season," she told me. Naturally, I needed to know more.

On that note, I asked Ojelade to share with me four of the go-to styling tricks she routinely turns to when she creates her most popular looks while in Austin. Essentially, she receives the most compliments when she leans into the fashion looks in question.

Keep scrolling to check out tips from Ojelade, complete with visual references. You’ll also uncover a smattering of shopping picks sprinkled throughout in case you’re feeling especially inspired by any of the style moments.

1. Go for the Unexpected


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"Doing the unthinkable and pairing items that do not usually go together is what can help you stand out." — Ojelade


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"Try cutting up your jackets/blazers or pairing loafers with a skirt, an unexpected top with trousers, or a summer romper with a blazer to show that you're not boring while wearing neutral pieces." — Ojelade

Shop statement pieces:

2. Play With Different Textures


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"Luckily, the most interesting pieces in fashion are sometimes lightweight. I style these pieces with a different texture such as suede or leather—like a green knit paired with a leather skirt—to look high fashion." — Ojelade


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"I often make sure the texture of one piece matches the other. For instance, a knit top with knit shoes. Dress it down with jeans while upping the chic factor with a blazer. And if you don't like busy patterns, lightweight, contrasting textures are my favorite way to look unique!" — Ojelade

Shop pieces to bring texture to a look:

3. Lean Into the Monochromatic Vibe


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"Monochrome is my tried and true—probably my favorite way to dress. My favorite colors to match would be espresso, creams, blues, or greens." — Ojelade


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"If you don't want to do full-on monochrome, simply sticking to two colors is also pleasing to see." — Ojelade

Shop pieces to build a monochromatic look:

4. Embrace the Classics


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"Sticking with classics is a great way to be sustainable. Switching around staples you own helps the environment and your wallet." — Ojelade


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"Trench coats, vests, blazers, and any button-down sets you up to always look timeless." — Ojelade

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