The It Shoes From All of Fashion Week Cost $50

Three is a trend, but we spotted at least six iterations of Tevas on the runways of New York Fashion Week. We think that makes for a certifiable craze.

While the return of practical, arguably "ugly" shoes is an old concept by now—Havaiana flips-flops, Crocs, and Birkenstocks have been in and out of rotation as well—it makes a strong statement when so many different designers agree on the same footwear to represent their new collections. For S/S 19, the message couldn't have been clearer: Get yourself a pair of Teva sandals.

Luckily, like with the practical and polarizing shoe trends that came before it, we're looking at a very low buy-in to try this trend for ourselves. The original two-strap Teva sandals cost $50. If you want something a bit bolder, the chunkier flatform pairs begin at $60 while the completely tricked-out pairs à la Area's crystal ones are a bit more of an investment.

Scroll down for all six examples of Tevas and Teva-inspired sandals at the New York shows. We'll keep our eyes peeled the rest of fashion month to determine whether this trend goes international.