The 4 Best Ways to Wear Your Activewear Outside of the Gym

I won't claim to have started the athleisure trend, but I've been wearing leggings for activities that don't involve any form of exercise since approximately 2009. Think more running errands, less actual running, and more movie watching, less actual moving—you get the point. But ever since wearing workout clothes became "cool" and "fashionable," I've had to seriously step up my activewear game.

Now that it's officially fall, aka legging season, there's no better time to test out some fresh new looks. I'm all about these four pairs of leggings from JoyLab, the line we co-designed with Target—they're equal parts affordable, stylish, and performance-ready—but honestly, I'm just as excited about this collection's sports bras, tanks, and outerwear. See for yourself, especially if wearing all-black outfits to the gym is starting to feel really old.