I'm Getting Engaged Soon—This Iconic Ring Silhouette Is All I Can Think About

Tacori's Crescent Silhouette Engagement Ring



If my S.O. is reading this right now (oh hey Colton, fancy seeing you here!), well that means he’s likely discovered this story open on my laptop, where I left it open to be stumbled upon. It also means it’s the perfect time to drop a little hint about the engagement rings I have saved to my wishlist. Yes, I want a proposal, and I want one soon, and it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, the jewelry lover, when I say I have many thoughts when it comes to the extremely fun topic of rings.

Tacori has me wrapped around its finger for a number of good reasons. It's family-owned, based in L.A., a favorite among Who What Wear editors, and loved for its unique, handcrafted jewelry—stacking rings, diamond necklaces, dainty bracelets, to name a few. I became truly obsessed when I started searching for engagement rings and discovered its iconic Crescent Silhouette. The design is truly one-of-a-kind, featuring intricate crescent shapes embedded into every band and placed side-by-side to represent the top portion of a heart. So yes, you could say it's basically the ultimate symbol of love. Want to see a few pretty ones I've saved? Keep scrolling to see my favorite engagement rings, plus the wedding bands I'm eyeing to pair with them. (Seriously, Colton. Keep scrolling.)

Engagement Rings:

The Classic Crescent was the first ring on the site I laid eyes on. I love the sentimental touches put into the design like the inner-facing three-diamond set within each crescent, representing the past, present, and future with your love.

A little smaller and softer than the classic but just as pretty.

Can we take a moment and just look at how stunning this design makes the diamond? I'd definitely make a statement wearing this, and I'm here for that. This RoyalT design was created by founder Haig Tacorian and includes the signature crescent silhouette and more beautifully intricate details.



I don't know if I could choose one favorite, but this one comes close. The Simply Tacori transforms the signature crescent into a more modern design while keeping it timeless. It's polished, sophisticated, and elegant. And I love that your eye is automatically drawn to the center stone.

The classic pavé is to die for. I think it's safe to say I'm very into these sleek designs from the Simply Tacori Collection.

The Dantela style reminds me of an heirloom—it's so unique. Plus, that accent cushion makes the diamond look so much bigger.

Wedding Bands:

The RoyalT Anniversary Band Collection is a hands-down winner in my eyes. And in true Tacori fashion, each band features the signature crescent design on the inner face of the ring.

I have so many horizontal baguette cut diamond wedding bands saved on my phone, but this one takes the cake.

I love the idea of mixing metals in my ring stack. I'd pair this dainty gold number with my platinum engagement ring, or just as a cute band on any other finger.

Same with this one. I still can't believe each piece is handcrafted—the details are exquisite.

This is another piece that looks like an actual heirloom. It has a vintage touch that I absolutely love. 

*Note: Prices shown for engagement rings do not include center diamond.