15 Swimsuit Styles to Try If You Have a Long Torso

Finding a perfect swimsuit can be just as tricky as finding the perfect pair of jeans, or a white cotton T-shirt. There are so many options on the market that it's hard to weed out the good ones, especially when it comes to online shopping. Now, add that you're tall and have a long torso and things get even trickier. One-piece swimsuits are always the go-to style when it comes to finding a swimsuit that's equally cute and comfy, but sometimes they still come with some setbacks when they're not long enough. That's why you need to focus on brands that carry tall styles, like ASOS, or specific silhouettes that won't allow any wardrobe malfunctions (aka undesired wedgies).  

From deep-V silhouettes that will flatter you regardless of your height, cut-out one-pieces that won't ever be too tight in length, or color-blocked pieces that will fall just right on your torso, there's a one-piece out there that won't have you wiggling up and down while you're trying to relax at the beach or by the pool. That's why we rounded up 15 swimsuits for long torsos so you have one less thing to worry about when getting ready for summer.

1. Fisch Rajalin One Piece

That neckline is so good, you might want to wear the suit with jeans too. 

2. Lonely Dita Swimsuit Apple 

This might be one of our favorite swim brands. 

3. Frankies Bikinis Carter Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit 

4. Zimmermann Bonita Cutout Floral-Print Swimsuit 

5. Topshop Black Crinkle Ring Cut Out Swimsuit 

6. Peony + Net Sustain Cutout Polka-Dot Swimsuit

7. Leslie Amon Amanda One Piece Swimsuit

Leslie Amon really knows how to design a swimsuit. 

8. O'Neill Salt Water Strappy One-Piece Swimsuit 

9. ASOS Tall Glam Belted Swimsuit

That belting detail will look incredible on a variety of body types.

10. H&M Cut-Out Swimsuit

11. Madewell Second Wave Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit 

12. Skin The Domino Reversible Swimsuit 

Since this one is reversible, you're basically getting two suits for the price of one. 

13. Wet Eva

14. MaguiSuit Solid Coco One-Piece Scuba Swimsuit 

15. Cult Gaia Jana One-Shoulder Cutout Color-Block Swimsuit 

Someone get this girl on a vacation! 

The V plunge is extremely comfortable if you have a long torso. 

This one will get you tons of compliments. 

These other four swimsuit trends should also be on your summer radar. 

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