I'm Shamelessly Stealing These Swimsuit Style Tricks From Instagram

Finding a swimsuit that makes you feel like a queen/sun goddess/like you’re vacationing in the French Riviera (whichever you prefer) can be a tricky challenge all is own. But putting together a great look for the beach or pool doesn’t stop there. You need some sort of cover-up, and we prefer ones that are far from an afterthought.

To get some inspiration before the July 4 holiday, we went where we so often find our best styling ideas: Instagram. Here we discovered multiple ways some of our favorite trendsetters are wearing their one- and two-pieces this season—whenever they’re not going for a swim that is.

Take a look ahead at the 10 best ways we’ll be covering up (at least a little bit) at the beach, that rooftop pool, our friend’s friend’s BBQ, or wherever our summer plans take us.

Searching for a personalized swimsuit pick? Just look to your astrological sign for your next one- or two-piece.