This Tiny Sweater Detail Makes All the Difference for Winter Workouts

January always brings a winter slump that unfortunately affects all facets of our lives, from our general energy levels to our motivation to maintain those New Year’s resolutions. But don’t let go just yet of any fitness goals you may have made for 2018—we have one small way to make winter workouts that much more bearable. Apart from simply bundling up for a winter workout—whether you’re headed to the gym or the jogging trail—there’s one detail you should look for in a workout jacket: thumb holes.

As insignificant as they seem, jackets or sweaters with thumb holes can up your workout game by replacing gloves that are much too bulky, plus they end up trapping heat and keeping your sleeves in place. So if you’re in need of that extra push to get outside and get active when the weather makes it less than enticing, we’ve found your answer.

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