BRB, I'm Replacing My Underwear & Bralettes With This Soft & Sustainable Brand

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Contrary to popular belief, shopping for underwear is just as important as shopping for outerwear, if not more. Before you jump to disagree, hear me out. The undergarments you wear on any given day set the tone for the rest of your outfit, whether it's a pair of jeans or a fitted dress. Your bras and underwear influence your everyday clothing even when they're not exposed, and that's why shopping for these pieces is serious business. I like my bras and underwear to be soft, cute, and made of breathable, ethically sourced fabric. Too much to ask for? Not according to MeUndies, a brand that checks all of these boxes and is committed to self-expression and making you feel good. This mission, along with the bralettes and underwear that I'm about to show you, has my full support. Ready to start adding new items to your intimates drawer? Scroll on.



Aniyah Morinia
Associate Branded Content Editor
Aniyah Morinia is an NYC-based associate beauty and fashion editor at Who What Wear. She has worked in fashion media since 2018 and joined WWW's branded content team, where she not only writes for some of her favorite brands but also creates content for them. Aniyah will find any excuse to get a photo of her outfit and absolutely loves taking photos. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2020 with a bachlor's degree in public relations and started post-grad life freelancing for EveryStylishGirl, Riot Swim, and Baby Tress. Since starting at Who What Wear, Aniyah has developed a passion for hosting livestreams, working red carpets, and creating TikToks in addition to writing fashion and beauty stories. When Aniyah's not writing or creating content, you can find her exploring Brooklyn and eating her way through the city. She'll never pass up the opportunity to uncover an NYC hidden gem or mix and mingle with her friends (all while swapping holy-grail products, of course).