Slowly But Surely, This Accessory Brand Is Taking Over Your Instagram Feed

Susan Alexandra is the eclectic accessories brand you may have seen slowly taking over your Instagram feed.  Like everything we wished we could make in arts and crafts but failed at, Susan’s designs are all incredibly fun. Every piece, handmade in New York, is unique—which makes them feel even more special.  

After taking a jewellery making class on a whim, it’s safe to say that Susan has found her knack. In an interview with jewellery blog, The Stone Set, Susan admitted that her signature style was developed almost accidentally: "To cover up wonky edges and seams from my first metal work class, I began to paint my pieces. And people really responded. In a way, I celebrated the flaws by adorning them."

It feels like an understatement to agree that people have responded to Susan’s work. Rather, it seems that all the most fashionable girls in NYC and beyond can’t get enough of her unique creations. Not only have we spotted her pieces on influencers like Courtney Trop, Devon Lee Carlson, and Harley Vera Newton (to name a few), but even fashion's most noteworthy boutiques now stock her designs. What started off as a business catered towards friends and family is now sold by the likes of Opening Ceremony, Ten Over Six, Assembly, Shop Super Street and online at Twist and Lisa Says Gah.

Thankfully, Susan Alexandra ships internationally, meaning that no matter where in the world you are, you can get your hands on some of the brand’s fun accessories.  

Be ready to wait, though, as each piece is made by hand. The site’s page selling purses, which are hand woven with over 300 beads, warns customers of the waiting period. We’d say it’s definitely worth the wait though. As the brand itself says, "they are magic".  

To see how influencers are styling Susan Alexandra’s accessories, click through the gallery!




Shop our picks below: 

There's even one in this year's It colour. 

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This would even look amazing paired with jeans and a tee.

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