Summer Workout Clothes That Won't Make You a Sweaty Hot Mess

If your workout gear is on a constant rotation of go-to leggings and some sort of standard T-shirt, there is no better time to upgrade (just like with your summer wardrobe). As the nights get lighter and you amp up your workouts (or at least tell yourself you will), there is no excuse for wearing the kind of workout pieces that work well in colder weather but turn into a full-body sauna in the heat or a threadbare gym kit.

Last season, we gave you the tools to upgrade your winter workout kit, and now, we’ve searched around to find you the gear that will help you get the most of your summertime workouts.


(Image credit: @monkih)

From the best fitness trainers that can keep you feeling breezy to the shorts that may well replace those running tights, here are the 10 items you need for your summer workout.

No excuses then… Now you have everything you need to get your summer workout on.