The Trends Worth Splurging on This Summer, According to Marina Afonina

We’re right in the middle of the best time of year—you’re wrapping up all the loose ends and starting to finally switch off. With that in mind, it leaves space for you to think about how you want to update your summer wardrobe and dress for the break. (And the work year ahead. Sorry, but it’s coming.)

To help you prepare, we sat down with Marina Afonina—the super-stylist and designer behind our favourite new label Albus Lumen, to bring to you a perfectly curated list of trends worth dropping your cash on. These aren’t the trends that are here today, gone tomorrow, but pieces you’ll love for years to come. They’re the ones you definitely won’t regret buying or think twice about reaching for again and again.

Keep scrolling to see your new summer wardrobe.

What will you be splurging on this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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