5 T-Shirt Trends to Ditch This Summer and 5 to Buy Instead

summer T-shirt trends



Never underestimate the power of the humble T-shirt. Beloved by celebrities, stylists, and fashion lovers alike, the affordable and universally flattering T-shirt might be fashion's great equalizer. 

But of course, T-shirts are subject to the whims of the fashion elite just like any other article of clothing. From fabric and finishing to silhouette and cut, T-shirt trends change with every passing season. 

As for summer 2021, we did some investigating to determine the tees that will continue to dominate the year ahead and, consequently, which trends we're noticing are declining. From baby tees to ribbing, shop the five summer T-shirt trends that will reign supreme in 2021, according to our favorite fashion insiders. 

PHASING OUT: Padded-Shoulder Tees




I know some of you will come for me for saying this, and maybe it is too soon to outright say they're "done," but I'm personally feeling fatigued by padded-shoulder tees. Instead, I'm really gravitating toward boxy and oversize T-shirts that you can throw on with bike shorts or tuck into something high waisted for a relaxed vibe.


REPLACING WITH: Graphic Baby Tees

baby tee t-shirt trend



The Y2K era may be all the rage right now, but the baby tees of the '90s are definitely having a moment, too. They tend to come in and out of style, but right now, it's all about shrunken tees with cutesy graphics. Based on my most recent closet purge, tie-dye T-shirts are on their way out (at least as far as my own closet is concerned).


REPLACING WITH: Plissé Textures

There will always be a spot for more interesting T-shirts, and right now, those are plissé and box-pleat tops. The texture never wrinkles, looks so expensive, and, in my opinion, is timeless. Invest now and wear forever.

PHASING OUT: Slogan Tees

REPLACING WITH: Kitschy Graphics

Now let's talk graphic tees. They will hardly ever go "out," but I've noticed that the types of graphics do tend to change from time to time. These days, I'm noticing a lot of quirky and kitschy graphics like Ganni's dolphin graphic pictured above and H&M's My Little Pony tee below. If you're wearing one of these, you're definitely a fun person.

PHASING OUT: Lettuce-Trim Tees


Little details sometimes have the biggest impact. Case in point: ribbing. We love the texture on loungewear and knits and, more than ever, on T-shirts. It's easy but adds a little something elevated to your outfit, and as seen here, ribbing is French girl approved. If you're looking to perfect that "je ne sais quoi" vibe, this is how to do it.

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