16 Recent Purchases That I Always Get Compliments On

what to buy for summer.



It's a blessing and a curse of being a fashion editor: It's my job to shop. This means that I frequently find myself acutely aware of the gaping holes in my own personal wardrobe, and my eye is constantly turned on something new. While not everything I pick out is about making a fashion statement (I'm a pretty casual dresser if I'm being totally honest), I've noticed that over the past few months, certain items seem to garner the most interest from friends, family, and strangers alike.

Below, you'll find the 16 pieces I've purchased fairly recently that rack up the compliments along with a curious "where can I get that?" or two. From fun warm-weather dresses to practical (yet pretty) bags, the items run the gamut, but they all have one thing in common: You'll have a hard time not wanting them in your wardrobe too. So without further ado, read on to shop them all (and to see how I've styled a few of them).

This Rixo London dress is the perfect work-to-play piece. I wore it on a recent business trip to L.A. and it was just right styled with simple mules.

Miaou's matching floral pants and top are a major conversation starter. And while they look great together, I like them separately too. I wore the top on a date and it was a hit.

My sunglass collection is admittedly out of control, but I'm currently loving these narrow colorful sunnies from Crap. They're a great under-$100 find and a nice alternative to darker glasses.

No bag I own screams summer quite like this one from Staud. The fisherman vibes (thanks to the macramé) along with the unique bucket shape make it a fun choice for taking out on the town.

Music festival fashion doesn't have the same buzz around it that it did a few years ago, but my mantra has always been to keep things fairly simple. I wore this matching denim set to Governor's Ball a few weeks ago and was not only comfortable all day long, but I also stood out from those who were wearing flower crowns and cutoffs.

Now you're all set to add my favorite pieces to your wardrobe too.