20 Best Straw Hats to Invest in This Summer

When you see a straw hat, you know warm weather is on the horizon. As its delicate weave doesn’t exactly lend itself to the sleet and snow, it’s perfectly preserved at the top of your closet for the duration of the gloomy season, only broken out again once the warmth and promises of poolside weekends and beach vacations return. That doesn’t mean that you should stick to styling your straw hat with a bathing suit. Quite the contrary: Though a summer straw hat might bring to mind piña coladas and sandy cabanas, sometimes you just have to bring the season to your more urban wardrobe, mixing it with sundresses and tailored shorts all in the comforts of your own city.

We get it: We’re just as obsessed with the summer wardrobe staple as you are, which is why we scoured all our favorite brands to round up the best of the best straw hats for summer that you should shop now before they’re all snapped up. After all, whether you’re planning that trip that will leave you with proud tan lines as a souvenir or want a stylish way to feel like you’re at the beach even if you’re a million miles away, this summer accessory is for you. Scroll through the following 20 styles at every price point. There’s truly something for everyone.

Which hat is your favorite? We’re ready to shop them all and wear them with everything from bathing suits to tailored suiting.

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