The 15 Freshest Ways to Wear a Bandana, According to Instagram

Bandanas are one of those micro-trends we will never get tired of. The reason? There's no wrong way to wear them. Whether you sport them around your neck to block out the cold in the chillier months or simply throw one on to amp up your summer outfit, they always look good. Printed, oversize, matching, statement, you name it. There isn't one bandana out there that isn't worth styling with whatever outfit you dream up.

Don't believe us? Look back to the Wild West– or '90s-inspired looks ahead, and you'll see why the accessory lives on. Keep scrolling for 15 summer outfits with bandanas that you will want to re-create ASAP.

Add a pop of color to your black ensemble. 

Elevate your swim look with a bandana around your neck.

Keep it matchy-matchy. 

Accessorize your ponytail with a gingham bandana. 

Summer vacation look, complete. 

Spice up your shirtdress with a bandana that complements your updo.

Belt it out. 

Channel your inner Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood, or Westworld robot with this Western-style bandana situation.

Choose a subtle print that will go nicely with your white summer dress. 

Bandanas can double as a top? Noted. 

Perfect to add a pop of color. 

FYI: Bandanas go great with fluffy heeled shoes. 

Take your outfit to the next level with a statement bandana. 

No hat for hiking? No problem. 

Personalize your accessories with your bandana of choice. 

Go on and incorporate one however you see fit.