12 Ways to Create an Effortlessly Layered Look This Summer

When you think of summer, "layering" probably isn't the first word to come to mind. As someone who feels bare without layers on an outfit, I've become a self-proclaimed pro at mixing and matching pieces over another. I love a good basic 'fit every now and then, but you can't deny the structure a jacket or overshirt adds to an ensemble. Whether it's for modest dressing purposes, sun protection, or simply to prepare for the chillier nights, I've gathered outfits below that will inspire some layered looks this summer.

When it comes to layering in the warmer weather, it's all about minimal fabrics, playing around with colors, and doing what makes you feel most comfortable. Keep scrolling to view 13 ways our favorite fashion girls are adding layers to their summer vibe. 



In the summertime, fashion girls are always sporting their swimsuits as tops. To make it look more put-together, a breezy button-up pairs well.



For modest dressers, pairing a long-sleeved top under a sleeveless dress can add dimension to your ensemble. Keep the materials light to keep the look more comfortable for the heat.

You may not be able to wear this outfit on the hottest of days, but it can still work for the summertime. Since the button-up seems lightweight and the pants are linen, this is the way to do a "suited" look this season.



Patterned silk button-ups are giving all the retro vibes you want this summer. Pair over a long-sleeve tee, tank, or even a basic swimsuit. 

I know a sweater over a swimsuit sounds contradicting, but sometimes all you need to keep warm is your arms. 

A button-up over a skirt is my favorite summer outfit combo, and it always looks better layered with a top underneath. 



Cardigans are here to stay, so I apologize if you're trying to leave the preppy years behind. A cropped one looks great over a t-shirt.



A tank dress and sneakers make the ultimate sporty but fashion" ensemble. You can tie a sweatshirt around your waist or don a light coat, or be like Michelle and do both.



I told you, cardigans aren't going anywhere. I love how it just adds the perfect touch to what would've been a simple dress.

I'm that girl who wears blazers in the summer, sorry not sorry. I opt for ones that are either light in color or bright, so I stay away from my black blazer since it attracts heat. Since a blazer is a heavier layer, keep it simple as this t-shirt and jeans look.



As someone who loves outerwear, I save my collection of cropped jackets for those slightly colder days of the summer. They keep your outfit proportionate, especially with dresses or skirts. 

Sorry for the over mentioning of button-ups, but they really are your layering best friend in the warm weather. Thi tank and Bermuda shorts look is simple and easy, and the tied top completes it.