How I'm Bringing That Holiday Feeling to My London Wardrobe This August

It's an accepted fact that holidays make everything seem so much better—from the pre-flight airport fry-up to the warm, flat beers on the beach. One thing I'm always happier with when I'm on holiday is my wardrobe—and that's not because I'm one of those people who "panic buys" 10 things before they go away. I wear the same clothes. I just dress better when I'm away.

I think the main reason I find getting ready from a suitcase so much easier is that I'm able to actually stick to a capsule wardrobe. I'm no Marie Kondo, but it really is easier to get dressed when you're working with 20 things instead of 100. It's also an occasion to be playful and wear the things you normally keep tucked away.


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This summer, I'm replicating that holiday feeling in London by fashioning my own capsule wardrobe and being a little braver with colour and print. On holiday, we're all guilty of dressing for the backdrop. For example, in France, we love wearing basket bags, Bretons, Italian silk scarves and La Dolce Vita prints. This literal situation dressing only ever seems to happen on trips, but there's something to be said for really paying attention to your diary and dressing for locations at home too.

Keep scrolling to see the five ways I'm going to bring this summer holiday feeling to my home wardrobe this August.

1. Go-With-Everything Accessories


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On holiday, I only ever bring one or two handbags with me and jewellery I can wear for the entire week. Sometimes, when it comes to accessories, nothing beats those wear-with-everything classics, which means that these are truly worth investing in.

2. Feel-Good Colourful Prints


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Holiday wardrobes are typically brighter and more colourful with jazzy prints and bold colour palettes. Well, the high street is awash with things you can wear back home too.

3. 10,000-Step Sandals


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On city breaks, I am all about practical footwear, as I'm always topping 10,000 steps a day. However, I find that in London, it's best to lean on comfortable sandals too. 

4. Throw-On Printed Dresses


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On holidays, I never want to spend too long getting ready when I could be out exploring, so the throw-on summer dress is my number one staple. Last year when I travelled to L.A., I took seven dresses—no skirts, tops or trousers. It made getting dressed so much easier. These will work at home with sandals on a good day and boots and tights on a bad one.

5. Seaside Touches


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You might not be able to get away with a sarong and flip-flops in the office, but this summer's shell trend lets you easily bring the beach home with you—whether that's with a starfish print or a gold shell necklace.

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Emma Spedding