I Can't Stop Wearing Cotton Dresses—These 25 Are My Favorites



Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 25 finds on their current wish list.

I seriously live in dresses between May and August. As in, you'll rarely find me in anything else. For one, I get a little lazy in the summer and don't want to spend the time or energy styling more than one piece with my favorite sandals or sneakers. And then there's the fact that when it's really hot, like over 90° hot, nothing else sounds appealing. But it's not just any dress that I'll throw on during the summer—I specifically rely on those made from as close to 100% cotton as possible.

My reasoning is simple really: Cotton is lightweight and breathable, so I don't have to stress about how long I can be outside before getting unbearably sticky. The fabric also doesn't crease easily and is machine washable. The list goes on and on, but I know you're really here to shop the cotton dresses, not learn about them, so I'll leave you with these 25 superb options starting at just $35.

The front is cute, but the back is better.

I can't get over the cinched bodice of this oatmeal-colored maxi dress. So comfy, yet so chic.

Ganni always comes through with the best prints.

My inner child is smiling just thinking about this polka-dot dress.

This one gives me Little House on the Prairie vibes in the best way.

I always prefer the feel of denim made from 100% cotton. This one comes with a belt too, which is always a plus.

This dress would make a very chic swimsuit cover-up.

These modern cutouts feel cool and elevated at the same time.

I love a puffy sleeve on a dress. This one is exactly why.

I, too, cannot believe this dress is only $60.

This neckline is perfect for showing off your favorite chain necklaces.

Something tailored and modern if frilly and romantic isn't your thing.

What I would do to have an excuse to wear this dress out right now. (Not that I need one.)

I'm not saying you should buy this dress solely for your next picnic, but I'm not saying you shouldn't.

But this one is a close second. I love the ankle-grazing length.

Something nautical for an evening boat cruise or, more realistically, a walk around your neighborhood.

When you want to dress up but still be comfortable.

Just add square-toe slides for an easy on-trend outfit.

The floral embroidery here is simply dreamy.

I couldn't leave you without a tie-dye dress now could I?