5 Summer Trends on My Wish List and 5 I'm Repeating From Years Past

The thing about trends is they come and go. Of course, not all are created equal, and some stick around longer or reemerge more often than others, but the general tendency to pop up then eventually lie low again is pretty much the one thing you can count on with trends. With that in mind, it should make complete sense that there are a handful of summer trends from 2020 that have come back for 2021—five of which I’m particularly excited to bring back into my rotation. However, if that sounds boring to you, not to worry, because there are just as many new trends on my radar as there are old ones. 

Below, you'll find all 10 of the trends I'm eyeing for the months ahead in a cute little slide you can save for easy referencing. After that, I highly suggest sticking around to shop my favorite new versions of each one. After all, isn't that the best part? 

Shop old trends:

1. Terry cloth

I got this set last summer, and you bet I'll be wearing it again this coming season.

Whether you opt for the matching sweats or shorts, you can't go wrong with this little bralette.

As someone who owns this dress, I highly recommend it.

2. Warm-weather knits

It may sound counterintuitive, but summer-ready knitwear has become a recurring theme year after year.

I don't want to say Simon Porte Jacquemus invented knit hot pants, but he definitely perfected them.

3. Tie details

Christopher Esber has been a trailblazer of this trend for several seasons now.

I love a piece that comes with styling inspo.

4. Tropical prints

Mara Hoffman is an easy go-to brand for this trend.

Versace nailed it last summer and is doing it again this year.

I'm more than ready for a vacation after seeing this.

5. Oversize button-downs

I love trends that you can always easily find on the more affordable side.

This neutral tone will go well with everything.

Shop 2021 trends:

1. Retro prints

I especially love trends that transcend multiple categories such as RTW and swimwear.

2. Tunics

I didn't fully get this trend until I came across this top (and subsequently purchased it).

3. Checks

You bet I'm wearing this pajama set out.

4. Fisherman sandals

When Zara's doing it, then you know it's a trend.

So many brands have versions of these sandals out right now, but this two-tone pair is at the top of my wish list.

5. Open-back dresses

You knew Revolve would be a trove of options.

This one is not playing around.