Retro Rewind: The Vintage Trend Everyone Will Wear This Summer


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Sure, it's 2021, but with all the retro trends making their way back into the fashion spotlight, the line between vintage and new is definitely getting blurred. After several seasons where neutrals and minimalism were the reigning aesthetics and a year of mostly being stuck at home, we’re craving the bright colors, vibrant prints, and more-is-more mentality of the ’60s and ’70s to feel a bit brighter and more hopeful just in time for summer.

In fact, all things retro have had a big influence on fashion and home décor trends this season. Just like with any good throwback trend, it's important to know the historic moment it references, which is why I’m turning your attention to one theme in fashion that I think will have a big impact this summer and will be the blueprint for everyone's Pinterest mood boards: Emilio Pucci’s iconic prints. The Italian designer, nicknamed the "prince of prints,” first became known for his kaleidoscopic patterns in the ’60s, and his namesake brand has continued to produce luxurious resort wear and swimwear that makes us want to book a Mediterannean getaway stat.

While plenty of funky prints have been bubbling up lately, I’m particularly excited about the revival of these Pucci (and Pucci-inspired) pieces because they feel relevant right now while also being worthy of a long-term wardrobe investment. Since shopping is simply what we do here at Who What Wear, I sourced original vintage pieces that the trend references along with plenty of contemporary options to prove that there’s something to suit a variety of styles and budgets. Continue on to see the evidence of the trend that I’ve charted from the ’60s to today, and see how fashion girls are styling the playful, beachy looks.


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Here, a look from Emilio Pucci's S/S 65 collection that features a printed bikini and matching sarong and feels surprisingly aligned with what designers have on offer in 2021.


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Cult Gaia's stunning prints are easily some of our favorite contemporary designs.


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My summer 2021 vibe in a nutshell? You're looking at it. Personally, I think these prints get to live their best lives in a coordinated-swimsuit moment, and indie label Cin Cin Swim is serving up just that.


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I've said it once, and I'll say it again, there's nothing fresher than a coordinated look in one of these retro prints.


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While swimwear definitely dominates this trend, look for printed separates you can easily style with any of your basics.


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On a boat in the Mediterranean is exactly the vibe this trend captures. (Actual proximity to the sea or a boat or Europe is optional.)


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If you're after a retro-printed bikini this summer, look no further than Frankies Bikinis, one brand that's been serving up all the psychedelic styles lately.


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Fashion girls are all about styling these futuristic prints in one bold, maximalist ensemble.


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All hail the three-piece swimsuit set!


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Play around with print-clashing for a fun, summer-ready vibe.


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Or style a single hero piece to spice up your plain basics.

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