30 Cheap Summer Amazon Finds I'm Buying on the Low

There's something about the summertime that encourages a trendier wardrobe. Suddenly you care whether or not your ear lobes, neck, and ankles are doused in jewelry, you need your bikini to match your cover-up (or else), and you've never needed more ribbed white tank tops in your life. That frantic need to shop for a whole new summer wardrobe is something I know well and naturally, it never ends up turning out so great for my wallet. So instead of bombarding you with tons of new designer goods, I figured it might be more worth your while to spill on all the super cheap Amazon finds I am eyeing this summer. 

Basically, if it's trendy and cute, Amazon is selling it. From bikini sets to printed tanks and back again, the selection of summer goodies ahead will ensure you have one of your trendiest summers yet while still staying on budget. 

Pretty sure this is the Amazon find to end all Amazon finds. 

Anklets in the summer are a must. 

For $13, your swimsuit will have never looked better. 

Nothing makes for a more perfect Instagram backdrop than a colorful striped towel. 

Liven up the simplest of tanks with this fun choker necklace. 

White button-downs are a wardrobe staple for me year-round.  

Make any simple swimsuit look 10 times more expensive via a delicate gold belly chain. 

I'm one of those girls who loves trotting around town in a big straw surfer hat and a little bikini. Sue me. 

This is a bikini you'll wear and keep for years to come. 

Everyone needs a bag that just goes with everything. 

The sunglasses every Gen Z human has on TikTok. So yes, you need them too. 

These look like they cost way more than $50. 

Why buy a plain white tank when you can buy a bubblegum pink one? 

Travel from the beach to lunch in style. 

Somehow these can be trendy and practical all at once. 

To go with all your summer dresses. 

Don't be surprised if you wear these every day. 

Whether I am running or at the beach, a baseball hat is something that is rarely missing from my tote bag. 

I plan on styling this with a big blazer and fisherman sandals. 

These bags carry everything from my disposable cameras to my sandy beach towels all summer long. 

Are these low-rise linen Roxy pants a vibe? I think they are. 

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

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