29 Cheap Summer Amazon Basics That Actually Look Expensive

Best Amazon basics for summer



I'm pretty sure that last summer, my main purchases were sweatshorts, oversize T-shirts, and house shoes, so I'm feeling a bit unprepared this year, wardrobe-wise. But my calendar is significantly fuller than it was last year, so I'm stocking up. Amazon is an excellent place to do so. 

Shopping for clothes on Amazon can be admittedly overwhelming, but it'd be a missed opportunity to not add a few of its excellent affordable summer basics to your cart. This year, I'm particularly drawn to oversized button-downs that can be worn with a swimsuit or shorts, tank tops galore, LBDs, and chic sandals. And yes, Amazon has plenty of these and more.

If you too are feeling like your warm-weather wardrobe is lacking after the lost summer of 2020, scroll on to shop my expensive-looking picks that no one will guess are actually quite affordable.

The modern cutout makes this T-shirt look like a designer find.

White pleated shorts are underrated.

Never underestimate the joys of an elastic waistband.

This will be the first thing you reach for on a 100-degree day.

I love a boxy, cropped T-shirt this time of year.

Proof that you can get cool jeans for under $50.

I realize these aren't basic, but I had to include them.

These have 21K reviews, which speak for themselves.

I fully support a fancy-drawstring-shorts purchase.

No one will be able to guess you didn't spend $150 on this.

I'll never tire of this bag shape.

I'm here for these perfect classic jeans.

You'll never run out of things to wear this staple with.

Don't worry. I'm not ditching sweatshorts anytime soon.