My Secret to Cool, Affordable Jewelry Is Amazon—Here Are 28 Trendy Finds



There's power in statement jewelry. Even the most basic white T-shirt gets a little lift with the right necklace or pair of earrings—no effort required. I've always been quite the jewelry hoarder for that very reason, but it still took a pandemic for me to realize just how often I lean on my jewelry to carry my outfits.

Looking for unique jewelry is one of my favorite pastimes, but it's an expensive habit that can add up fast. With the plethora of amazing jewelry trends hitting the scene recently, more than ever, I've been tempted to spend my entire monthly budget on pairs of hoops and chunky rings.

To the relief of my wallet, I've discovered a more affordable alternative for staying on top of this season's accessory trends: Amazon. By now, it shouldn't really surprise you that, like most things, Amazon is the destination for cool, of-the-moment pieces for less. We've already raved about the expensive-looking swimwear and fashion finds on the site, and the jewelry is no less spectacular. Ahead, I've laid out all of the coolest affordable jewelry buys to get your hands on right now, spanning from Y2K-inspired items to classic, minimalist metal pieces. Keep scrolling to see them all and to secure your new stack.


Leave it to a solid straight year of Zoom meetings to make us fully appreciate our collection of earrings. From chunky hoops to diamanté statement pieces and baroque pearls, a number of earring trends have flourished this year, leaving the possibilities endless. I found so many beautiful pieces under $20, and to my surprise, most are, at the very least, gold-plated.




By far, my most splurged-on jewelry pieces are necklaces. Every day, I wear a stack of layered gold and silver chains, but it definitely took years and a few hundred dollars to acquire them. Thank goodness for Amazon because now I can score a sterling silver chain for less than $30 and buy them in multiple lengths to customize my stack. During my jewelry deep dive for this piece, I also tracked down a few pretty pearl pieces that would look supremely stylish with a loose summer dress.




As we pointed out before, Y2K-inspired jewelry is the fashion-set accessory of choice right now. If you're looking to get in on the trend but don't want to spend a ton, Amazon is a gold mine for chunky, colorful rings that surely make a statement. If classic-looking pieces are your thing, there are also some amazing gold signet and dome rings I think you'll love.