I'm a Low-Key Dresser—Here's How I'm Tackling the Neon Trend

I have pretty simple style. You'll usually catch me in some sort of sweater or T-shirt and jeans combo, and I'm almost always in a pair of white sneakers. I rarely switch it up because well, this look kind of just works for me. But sometimes there are trends that come along that make me question my own style's simplicity. This season, it's neon. The fun, light-hearted, bright aspect of the neon trend is not lost on me–and I figured my wardrobe could use a little of it. But I'm not going to lie, it took a little while to figure out how to incorporate these bright pieces into my otherwise neutral wardrobe. I knew it was going to have to be subtle.

Though it seems like it would be fun to do head-to-toe neon like Hailey Bieber and other celebs, it's just really not my look. In fact, I was honestly kind of scared when I saw that neon was coming back and figured it was a trend I'd opt to skip altogether. But, because I work in fashion and I love to try new things, I hopped on the neon bandwagon, and now I can say I'm a believer. Here's how I'm making the trend work for my low-key style, and if you're anything like me, maybe these little tips will help you step out of your closet comfort zone as well.

Below is my favorite subtle neon look for the office, plus some other inspo I'm taking on my next shopping trip with me. Keep scrolling for more.

More Low-Key Neon Looks to Try

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