Stylists Always Score BIG at These 9 Stores

We know stylists have tons of tricks up their sleeves. It includes, but isn’t limited to, being able to make red carpet magic, changing the feel of an entire outfit with little more than an accessory, and coming to set equipped with styling kits that always save the day. But we went searching for a very specific kind of trick when we asked them, “Where do you actually spend your hard-earned money?”

Seeing as the below five women, who work behind the scenes in celebrity and editorial fashion, have access to a world of style choices, we tapped their expertise on where they shop when they want to score—big time—and the responses were quite varied.

For some, this meant revisiting their favorite fast-fashion brands whose offerings always look so much more expensive than they are, or pinpointing the sites that always have the best sales, or simply having the ability to hunt down a designer consignment piece at a fraction of the retail price. Whichever definition of affordable is most appealing to you, find the nine shopping destinations where these stylists spend their own paychecks below.