16 Under-$100 Purchases Our Editors Swear Look Expensive

If you’re someone who assumes that all fashion editors spend the majority of their paychecks on clothing, that’s not the case. (Somedays we worry we could easily head in that direction, sure, but it’s just not the case). We editors—specifically my fellow Who What Wear editors and I—live for a purchase that looks so much more expensive than it is. So we’re spilling our best secrets.

I asked my team to tell me where they shop to get the most bang for their Benjamin Franklins. This resulted in 16 under-$100 purchases—basics, special items, shoes, and accessories too—that we swear could pass for something pricer. We might even get away with it if we weren’t so excited to tell anyone who asks, You’ll never guess where I got this.

Ahead read on for our of-the-moment favorites, as well as the one store that’s very clearly a Who What Wear favorite.