16 Under-$100 Purchases Our Editors Swear Look Expensive

Fashion editors' favorite places to shop for expensive-looking pieces



If you’re someone who assumes that all fashion editors spend the majority of their paychecks on clothing, that’s not the case. (Somedays we worry we could easily head in that direction, sure, but it’s just not the case). We editors—specifically my fellow Who What Wear editors and I—live for a purchase that looks so much more expensive than it is. So we’re spilling our best secrets.

I asked my team to tell me where they shop to get the most bang for their Benjamin Franklins. This resulted in 16 under-$100 purchases—basics, special items, shoes, and accessories too—that we swear could pass for something pricer. We might even get away with it if we weren’t so excited to tell anyone who asks, You’ll never guess where I got this.

Ahead read on for our of-the-moment favorites, as well as the one store that’s very clearly a Who What Wear favorite.

“Need Supply Co. is one of my favorite sites to shop anyway, so I’m always happy to find something cool from its affordable line Farrow to add to my already-full cart. I’m regularly shocked by how expensive-looking its pieces are.”

Available in sizes S to L. 

“I’m a big fan of Pixie Market. Lots of its pieces are under $100, and the designs are so creative and cool for the price point. I love that the brand doesn’t just do knockoffs of designer stuff—I really feel like I’m getting something unique when I shop there.”

Available in size S.

“It’s no secret I love a good Zara find. No matter what I’m searching for, it’s rare that I spend over $100 on one item. That’s the beauty of the store though—you can find the coolest fashion-girl trends at prices you almost feel guilty about. Why would I not shop there?”

“Is it sad how surprised I am whenever I find a great quality pair of shoes under $100? (Yes.) But I’ve found that & Other Stories’ quality really holds up, and you can find so many gems for much less than elsewhere.”

Also, is it me, or does a minimal gold hair accessory always look so chic? I want to try this one next.

“Lately, I’m all about this Etsy store for vintage basics. Some stuff clocks over $100, but there are absolute gems in there for less.”

Available in size L.

“Pixie Market is my favorite for under-$100 finds. Everyone always assumes the pieces are more expensive than they are, so I consider it my secret weapon for a low-cost, high-impact fashion pick-me-up.”

Available in sizes XS to M.

“For jewelry, I’ve been loving everything from Cinco this summer. I’m particularly into layering these necklaces right now.”

“Another affordable site I find myself browsing is Stylenanda. I’ll admit the site is slightly overwhelming with pages and pages of inventory, but you can definitely find super-cool under-$100 items if you dig. Here’s what I’m eyeing right now.”

Available in sizes S to M.

“Storets is also at the top of my list for inexpensive on-trend items. It’s also a go-to brand for celebs like Gigi Hadi who recently wore the below pink set. I also recently got this set and can’t wait to wear it.”

Available in sizes S to L.

“There are so many great under-$100 basics from Everlane. It’s my favorite place to pick out staple pieces for my wardrobe.”

Available in sizes 00 to 16.

“My other go-to is Pixie Market, as the pieces feel on trend, but there’s less of a chance of showing up to work wearing the same outfit as someone else, which might happen when I shop at Zara or H&M.”

Available in size S.

“I love scouring the Revolve sale section for amazing under-$100 finds. Since a lot of its items are regularly priced in the $100 to $200 range, when they get marked down, they feel like a steal! Most recently, I bought these perfect sandals for just $60.”

“TheRealReal has recently become my secret spot for finding designer pieces at really affordable prices.”

“Whenever I’m looking for an affordable trend-forward piece with great lines, I turn to Pixie Market. I especially love its cool tops to pair with jeans.”

Available in sizes S to M.

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