2 Things That "Make or Break a Look," According to a Stylist

We’ve all been there before: We’re looking to put together a sensational outfit, one that hits on all the marks: It’s comfortable, it’s fun, and it makes you look like a million bucks (regardless of what you’ve actually spent). However, we find ourselves hung up on every. single. detail. Let us ease your mind and focus in on what really matters.

We turned to celebrity stylist Cary Robinson, who provided two key points. She’s the woman behind the looks for stylish women, not to mention Victoria’s Secret Angels, including Josephine Skriver, Lais Ribeiro, and Jasmine Tookes (who also happens to be her daughter). For starters, Robinson reiterates a piece of advice we’ve heard time and time again when it comes to crafting a great and expensive-looking ensemble. “Ill-fitting clothes can certainly cheapen a look,” she advises. “Always make sure your clothes fit nicely or have them tailored for a finished look!”

Jasmine Tookes style



As for point two, Robinson says there are two pieces that can absolutely “make or break a look.” Specifically, shoes and bags. “The wrong shoes and purse can cheapen a look very fast!” she tells us.

While it might seem contradictory—afterall, these are usually the smallest pieces of any given outfit—we took this advice to heart and rounded up a slew of sleek, sophisticated, and sometimes statement-making handbags and shoes that serve as the basis for an expensive-looking ensemble. In following Robinson’s advice, we can focus in on these choice elements instead of getting overwhelmed by the minutiae. Pair any of the below with your favorite go-to (and well-fitting) items in your closet and you’re aces.

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Shop Shoes and Bags That Will Make, Not Break, Your Look

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