I've Been a Stylist for 15 Years—These Accessories Make or Break a Good Closet


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Rose Hayes works as a VIP Nordstrom stylist. In fact, while she's been styling her entire life, she's been in the role at Nordy for 15 years. So she has quite the experience helping to define and create well-balanced closets for her clients. Accessories are clearly important for completing an offering, and Hayes believes there are a few of-the-moment accessories that can more or less make or break a good closet this season given their chic nature. Of course, you should always add whatever you love to your wardrobe, but the curation in question could elevate that closet even more for summer. 

Go on to check out the items Hayes personally loves and thinks you will like. Many of the finds in question skew on the classic side, but there are also a few modern silhouettes incorporated in the mix. Keep scrolling for style and shopping inspiration. 

1. Straw Bag


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"Straw totes have always been around, but now, they are trending hard. Every designer under the sun has a version. You can find a huge selection of straw tote bags at any price, color, and shape. Don't reserve your straw tote just for the beach—this is a bag that works nine to five too."

2. Baseball Hat

"Baseball hats can add a cool touch to your relaxed looks. Take a simple white tee and your favorite jeans to the next level with a new sporty hat."

3. Aviator Sunglasses

"Going into hot, sunny months, we all need sunglasses to protect our eyes. Make a statement with the latest pilot aviators. I recently purchased a black acrylic pair from Chanel, but I'll always love my classic Ray-Ban metal aviators."

4. Statement Shoes


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"Bejeweled footwear is selling like crazy at Nordstrom. With the return of glamour, party shoes are replacing boring shoes now that we're dressing up again."

5. Eye-Catching Bag

"Along with the highly embellished shoes are the fancy crystal bags, of course. Look for unique slouchy, soft shapes in fun colors."

6. Versatile Scarf

"There are hundreds of unique uses for a colorful twilly scarf. The long and narrow silk twilly can be used as a neck scarf, to adorn your hair, tied to a handbag, or as a belt. Those are just a few ideas to show you how versatile they are. Take a plain solid outfit, add a twilly, and now, you have an interesting third piece that looks perfectly polished."

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Bobby Schuessler
Market Director

Bobby Schuessler is a fashion editor with over a decade of editorial experience covering shopping, style, and beauty. He's spent over seven years at Who What Wear, currently leading the market team to deliver highly covetable and convertible content. He creates data-driven shopping guides featuring top retialers like Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Net-a-Porter and is at the forefront of Who What Wear's shopping tentpole strategies, including Amazon Prime Day. He also works on branded content initiatives and appears on camera in video and shopping livestream franchises. He has also worked across a variety of other media brands and fashion retailers like Refinery29, PureWow, Men's Health, and Gilt covering commerce, trend reporting, women's and men's fashion, home, and lifestyle.