I Spend Hours Shopping for My Two-Year-Old Daughter—Here's What I'm Buying RN

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I'm now starting to phase out some of the clothes and gear that feel too baby-ish for Sophie. Onesies are no longer relevant, and she's growing out of her high chair, so it seems fitting to do a toddler-ready haul, and I wanted to share it all with you. Whether you need to buy a gift for the mom in your life or you're in the same position I am, here's what I'm buying right now.

During the week, we’re at home going through our daily routine, so Sophie’s T-shirts and leggings are in heavy rotation. Now that the world is opening up again, though, we’re taking full advantage of being able to stock up on some fancier pieces. I really can’t help it—there are just too many adorable can’t-do-without dresses and shoes available right now.

BRB: Ordering this before it inevitably sells out.

Not only are these adorable, but the footbed sandal makes them a more practical option for your toddler's growing feet.

This also comes in adult sizes, so you can be extra and match with your kid.

The softest pajamas that come in 20 different colors and have 6K five-star reviews.

Sophie and I are entering a phase where the high chair is starting to feel irrelevant, and she's getting more adamant about feeding herself than ever before. I’m feeling a little unprepared, so my next plan of action is to go on a frenzy of buying toddler-feeding essentials. My motto for this new season of our lives is "the easier and the more practical, the better."

I love that I can pick something that will match the aesthetic of my dining room but still stand up to Sophie and her messes.

A booster seat will open up space in my dining room and help Sophie feel like she's participating in our nightly dinner with us.

I like that the fork is sort of a spork and will make it easier for Sophie to learn how to use the utensil.

The lids come off of these cups, which will also aid in the development of learning how to drink liquids sans straw.

A nice little distraction while I try to get her to scarf down her broccoli.

I’ve never been one to be extra picky about the kinds of toys Sophie plays with. Sure, a Montessori-type sans bright colors is preferable, but I really don’t want to limit her imagination, so her scheduled playtime is when she's allowed to let her growing autonomy go wild. Right now, she’s super into playing pretend and practicing her ABCs, so I like to buy toys that help encourage her colorful imagination.

This uber-popular mat is so versatile and works both for indoor and outdoor play.

The texture will feel interesting for your tot.

These bins are perfect for easy clean-up, teaching your toddler that it's time to put everything away after playtime is over.

I love this toy. Not only does it teach your little one how to hold a writing utensil, but it also is really interactive.

There’s always a new gadget or trendy must-have every mom is told she needs, but I like to keep it simple and cater to the moment. Sophie’s hair is very curly, so I’ve been opting for detangling brushes and extra-softening conditioners. Toddlerhood also means she’s going to get the sniffles a bit more, and she’s taking a few more tumbles when we play outside, so I like to be fully prepared for anything she (literally) throws at me.

When she actually lets me, this detangling brush gets out all the knots without pulling on her sensitive scalp.

This thermometer takes seconds to scan a fever—a lifesaver for toddlers who can't sit still.

A detangling spray makes it easier to actually try and brush her hair.

An essential to keep in your car or your home just in case.