Important: We Just Started Wearing Watches Again

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We’ve long been misunderstood by the people who make smartwatches. While we’re completely on board with the idea of being able to leave our phones behind, there’s always been one thing standing in the way: We’re just not willing to compromise our aesthetic for utility. Smartwatch brands have, for some reason, struggled to overcome what Michael Kors seems to understand perfectly: We’re surrounded by things and people who can all tell us the time! So for most of us, a watch needs to be functional and fashionable, and do more than just tell time. 

Enter: Michael Kors’s new Access Bradshaw smartwatch, which is every bit as stylish as the name suggests. It blends smartwatch technology—think activity tracking, text notifications, and email—with elegant designs that seriously don’t look even remotely like smartwatches. Best of all (and we can’t stress this enough), they’re entirely customizable, with straps and bracelets that can be swapped out on a whim, plus customizable watch faces. And we’re talking really, really good on-trend straps.

Plus, you can also use the My Social app to do things like make your latest Instagram your watch face. Basically, these are just in time (pun intended) for your spring closet refresh. Shop our picks for telling time stylishly below.

And this is just a start—check out the seemingly endless range of Michael Kors smartwatches and straps here.

Jamie McKillop
Branded Content Editor

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