There Are So Many Good Faux-Fur Coats Right Now, and I Need to Talk About It


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

True story: I love looking at, talking about, and of course, wearing faux-fur coats. Even a black faux-fur coat is infinitely more interesting to me than, say, a wool one. We're currently in the height of coat buying season, which is that sweet spot when there are lots to choose from on the market but they're not all sold out yet. I've come across so many amazing faux-fur options just this week alone that I couldn't not tell someone (as in, everyone) about them, so here I am.

One of the best things about faux-fur outerwear is that it isn't hard to find an affordable one that looks expensive. It's just the nature of the material, and the style can be dressed down with skinny jeans and sneakers or up with a fancy dress for a party or wedding. That's pretty much the definition of versatility.

Keep scrolling to shop 19 faux-fur coats I'm kind of obsessed with and find out what I think makes each one so special.