Chanel Is Making Orthopedic Shoes, and People Are Buying Them

Foot arches around the world, rejoice, as we direct your attention to our latest designer discovery: It seems as though Chanel is now crafting its very own version of orthopedic shoes (sort of). During our usual street style and Instagram scan, we recently discovered a slew of women we regularly turn to for outfit inspiration wearing a curious flat sandal featuring two velcro straps and the unmistakable double-C Chanel logo. The sandals—though not intended for post-op purposes, we presume—are chunky and look like a footwear choice your podiatrist would be over the moon over. An example…


It was only a matter of time.

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Furthermore, upon additional research of said faux-orthopedic designer sandals, we came across this image from Diet Prada's account highlighting yet another ortho-esque footwear option from Prada. See below…




Gasp! What could this mean? Well, our takeaway from the aforementioned snaps and the photos ahead is that designers and fashion lovers alike are embracing the so-called "ugly" shoe trend more with each passing day, and as such our options for buying into the look are increasing. Scroll down for ways to wear the orthopedic shoe trend and shop our picks to keep your foot bones feeling their best.



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Summer lewking ☀️????

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1st day of summer in Grannie chic Chanel #firstdayofsummer

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