10 Bomber-Jacket Outfits to Wear Every Fall Weekend

If anyone has told you lately that bomber jackets are on their way out, don't believe them. Throughout the latest string of fashion weeks, we saw one fashion girl after another styling bomber jackets with jeans, dresses, T-shirts, sweaters, sneakers, ankle boots—you name it. We've been taking notes in hopes of sharing fresh (and comfortable) bomber-jacket outfit ideas with you, and the street style set presented us with so many that our love for bomber jackets has officially been reignited.

The beauty of bomber jackets is that they're the perfect in-between outerwear option for when a denim or leather jacket won't cut it and a heavier wool coat or puffer would probably leave you sweating. Plus, they give whatever outfit you're wearing a major dose of model-off-duty cool.

Ready for a slew of fresh new ways to style a bomber jacket? Read on to see 10 of them, and shop stylish new bomber jackets to add to your collection.