Calling All Tall Girls: These Spring Trends Are for You

I have spent most of my life trying to find clothes that fit me. Ever ordered a pair of jeans online only to try them on and realize they’re awkwardly too short? In a word: frustrating. The onset of spring brings a whole new wardrobe, and for us tall girls, this can be tricky. However, throughout the years of trying to find clothing that flatters my 5’9” frame, I’ve learned there are a few pieces tall girls can always depend on when the warmer weather rolls around.

From dresses that fit more like shirts to jeans that end up looking more like capris, the usual springtime staples often fall short on us tall girls (literally). For some—who choose not to go the mini route—that means sticking to a chic pencil skirt that hits right above the knee or a cropped jumpsuit for a breezy springtime ensemble. It also helps to play with proportions by accessorizing with a statement belt, and opt for skinny jeans that highlight your long legs. Read on for more springtime necessities and shop our stylish finds curated with the tall girl in mind.

Skinny Jeans


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Skinny jeans and cigarette pants should be staples in every tall girl’s closet. They are often cut longer, which will let you avoid the whole jeans-that-look-like-they-shrunk-in-the-dryer look. Opt for a high-waisted pair if you'd like to accentuate your waist.

Heeled Mules


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Don’t let your height discourage you from wearing heels. Truth is they are just another way to highlight your already long legs. This spring, upgrade your warm-weather outfit with a chic pair of heeled mule sandals.

Matching Sets


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Whether for the office or a night out, matching sets are ideal for taller statures. Not only do they make for an easy and foolproof outfit but they also can accentuate your height. A fun way to experiment with sets is to play with proportions: Find a set with an oversize jacket or wide-leg pants for a fresh look.

Printed Tops


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Tall girls can definitely afford to wear bold patterns, and lucky for us, prints like gingham and polka dots are on trend right now. Pro tip: For added interest, choose a top with voluminous sleeves or a tie waist to further accentuate your figure.

Statement Belts


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A fun belt is an easy way to ground your outfit, and there are so many to choose from this season. Keep in mind that longer frames look amazing in thicker styles, and if you're daring, go the belt-bag route.

Pencil Skirts


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It’s time to get excited about this closet staple again. A classic pencil skirt that hits right around your knee is the perfect length for tall girls. Find one in a fun pattern is the perfect way to refresh your work wardrobe for the season.



(Image credit: @waityouneedthis)

Jumpsuits are practically made for longer frames, but finding the right fit can be tricky. A rule of thumb I follow is to find one with adjustable straps and cropped legs. That way nothing rides up or stretches out.

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