4 Style Mistakes That Always Make This 54-Year-Old Chuckle

First things first, style "mistakes" are obviously subjective to the viewer (and the wearer), but they are still fun to talk about nonetheless. We've all looked back on outfits we've worn and thought What the heck was I thinking? This story right here is here to ensure we have fewer of those moments as time goes on. While possibly internally humiliating, "mistakes" can be looked at as learning opportunities as we let our sense of personal style continually evolve.

Learning about these style mistakes is something that clearly takes time, which is why we reached out to 54-year-old industry icon Grece Ghanem for her take on the matter. As the well-seasoned and fashionably wise influencer she is, Grece was kind enough to share with us the top four style mistakes that always make her laugh when she spots them. Don't worry, she accompanied each mistake with a style tip relevant for any age. Personally, I agree with every word she said, and I have a feeling you will too. After all, she's has a tad more experience in the sartorial world than I have so I am definitely taking notes. 

Ahead, find out what style icon Grece Ghanem has to say about the style mistakes that make her laugh and the style tips she thinks women at any age can benefit from. 

Mistake #1

Mistake: Wearing sandals without a proper pedicure.

Tip: Style your sandals with a pair of funky socks or nylons until your next pedicure.

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Mistake #2

Mistake: Neglecting your hems and avoiding proper tailoring.

Tip: Take advantage of a store's in-house tailoring or use double-sided fabric tape for those last-minute alternations. 

Mistake #3

Mistake: Major fashion faux pas: Wearing denim shorts paired with tights or leggings.

Tip: Hold off from wearing your denim shorts for the warmer weather. Switch them to skirts paired with printed tights. 

Mistake #4

Mistake: Visible straps, lines, and tags from your undergarments.

Tip: Selecting the perfect underwear set to go under your outfit can prevent it from looking sloppy and can also make you feel comfortable and confident.  

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