7 Trends This 54-Year-Old Is Putting to Rest

Trends, by definition, come and go as they please, and according to this 54-year-old fashion girl, there are a few that are better off left alone as we press on into the rest of the year. Over the years, Grece Ghanem has worked her way up from influencer to style icon, so it was no wonder I was thirsty to seek her advice on the trends for the year ahead. "As a 54-year-old fashionista, I have seen a lot of trends come and go. Every year, some fade away yet never go fully extinct," said Ghanem. "However, I want to start by saying that trends being in or out does not make sense anymore to me. The modern woman cannot afford to change her dressing habits season after season, and neither can we ignore the environmental impact of our clothes and shopping habits!

This being said, we need to build timeless wardrobes of quality clothing to love, wear, and pass on from one generation to the other. Below is my take on the pieces I will be shuffling forward into my wardrobe and those that I will be giving a little rest for now."

In addition to the laundry list of trends she will be ditching this year, Grece also enlightened us on the trends she will be investing in. Curious to see which styles are being put to the side for now? Go on to read her take on this season's biggest trends.

Putting to Rest: Boxy Suits
Replacing With: Single-Button Blazers & Lingerie 

"Suits never go out of style! This season I am replacing my boxy, boyish suits with a single-buttoned blazer and turning lingeries, bras, and corsets into outerwear."

Putting to Rest: Chunky Sneakers
Replacing With: Square-Toe Sandals 

"I am going to give my chunky sneakers a break and opt for square-toe sandals or mules."

Putting to Rest: Biker Shorts
Replacing With: Long Shorts

"I am going to keep my biker shorts for the gym and invest in longer short Bermudas. I seem to have a penchant for the leather Bermudas, in particular."

Putting to Rest: PVC Bags
Replacing With: Woven Leather Bags

"I will be replacing my PVC handbags with quilted pouches or woven leather to stand out!"

Putting to Rest: Dainty Jewelry
Replacing With: Anklets

"Anklets are going to replace the dainty jewelry stacks. I feel a thin chain or a string of pearls around the ankle bone elevates even the plainest of footwear."

Putting to Rest: Logo Mania
Replacing With: Shades of Beige

"I will be adding more shades of beige, layering similar tones onto one another for the perfect soft wearable neutral to replace my logo mania!"

Putting to Rest: Cropped Jeans
Replacing With: Flared & Wide-Leg Jeans

"Last but not least, I look forward to wearing flared and wide-leg types of denim with high heels in place of cropped jeans." 

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated. Next up, shop the 2019 spring fashion trends you can buy right now

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