11 Easy Style Blogger Outfit Ideas for When You're in a Rut

We all have those days were not a single wardrobe entity looks good, fits, or feels right, and you question why you ever bought anything, exclaiming that you have "literally nothing to wear" much to the dismay of your boyfriend/roommate who has, by this point, been buried under a pile of your fashion rejects.

So here's a little inspiration to whet your outfit appetite again: From the simple accessory with plenty of S/S 16 appeal (specs-tacular!) to the small swaps you can introduce for a refresh (bye, black jeans; hi, khakis), these 11 very well-dressed bloggers are on hand to help. Scroll down to view and shop the top ensembles we'll be style-jacking…


Outfit #1:
(Image credit: Always Judging)

Courtney Trop of Always Judging has paired a leather wrap skirt with an unexpectedly casual hoodie/roll-neck layering combination. Retro sunglasses and high glove heels add further fuel this fashion fire!

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Outfit #2:
(Image credit: The Fashion Guitar)

Charlotte Groeneveld of The Fashion Guitar has completely revamped a midi skirt and sweater by adding a shoulder-robed jumper, chunky white sneakers and wire-rimmed glasses.

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Outfit #3:
(Image credit: The Haute Pursuit)

Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit has injected life into a classic ensemble via small details—like the frayed hem of her jeans and the patent finish of her shoes.

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Outfit #4:
(Image credit: Polishing Colors)

Denisia Aghiorghitoaie of Polishing Colors has inspired us to wear baggier clothes balanced out by smart high heels and a sweet pouch bag. 

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Outfit #5:
(Image credit: Peony Lim)

Peony Lim will talk you into a preppy world this weekend: Checkered pants and a blue shirt get the style-over. 

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Outfit #6:
(Image credit: Harper and Harley)

Australian blogger Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley has the desk-to-dinner look down pat with this ruffled white blouse and black tailored trouser pairing. Flats for day, heels for night—easy.

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Outfit #7:
(Image credit: Natalie Off Duty)

Natalie Suarez of Natalie Off Duty looks straight out of Woodstock in her flares and slouchy cardigan, but the addition of a smart blouse, jean belt and stacked boots turns this into a perfectly smart brunch look.

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Outfit #8:
(Image credit: Fashion Vibe)

Fashion Vibe's Zina Charkoplia has found the perfect way to wear a statement leopard coat—with all black everything! 

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Outfit #9:
(Image credit: Fashion Me Now)

Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now breathes new life into a classic ensemble by doing a few clever swaps: Cargo pants instead of jeans and statement sandals in the place of ankle boots.

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Outfit #10:
(Image credit: Blame It On Fashion)

Marie Hindkaer Wolthers of Blame It On Fashion always looks ladylike, and this casual get-up is no different—she shows you can wear straight jeans in a smart fashion, just add a shirt and feminine jacket.

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Outfit #11:
(Image credit: Amlul)

Gala Gonzalez of Amlul showcases a very chic way to nod to the '70s without looking too retro: It's her mix of hues (those blue platforms are not what you'd automatically reach for) and the balance of one printed item set against block colours.

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Hannah Almassi
Editor in Chief

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