6 Fashion Editors Claim These Are the Only Bras Worth Wearing, Period


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Full transparency, I'm not a bra expert. I haven't worn a bra all week, it's probably been a solid two years since I've gotten measured, and I purposefully wear outfits that allow me to go braless. Honestly, I don't have a vendetta against them. Bras just never seem to lend themselves to comfort. They are always too itchy, too tight, too visible through my shirts… too much. While it's often easier to go without them, it's near impossible to avoid them forever. And thus, when I was tasked with rounding up the best bras for women to wear, I knew I needed to call for some backup.

In this case, backup came in the form of six fabulous editors with expertise in the lingerie department. From bralette to underwire, soft cotton to padded nylon, sports bras to everyday ones—our editors have got you covered. Keep scrolling through to see the only bras that are worth wearing. Take it from me: You are actually going to want to wear them.


"I honestly can't get over how lightweight and barely there this bra feels. It's made from the softest nylon, and while it feels light as air, it's somehow also supportive. Needless to say, I've recommended it to all my friends at this point."


"I've been wearing this bra for years and am still so obsessed with it. I love how there's no padding, but it still has an underwire, so it feels less bralette and more bra. Also, it's so comfortable I can wear it all day without even noticing it's on."


"I admittedly almost never wear bras, but when I do, this is the one I wear. Actually, I have it in all three of these colors and have been buying this exact style since college. I love that it's wired for some support but doesn't have any padding. The matching panties are super cute too."


"This bra is so pretty and comfortable, and it offers the perfect amount of support. It's very lightly lined and looks smooth under even fitted T-shirts. I've bought it in three colors already, and I'm not stopping there."


"I have mostly quit my uncomfortable bras (or rather just stuffed them to the back of my drawer and pull them out only when truly necessary). I purchased this Boody bra three times already because there's nothing like it in terms of comfort. This is the only bra that I don't want to take off when I get home at the end of the day. I find most sports bras—which should be comfy—too restricting and tight, and even though this one has a sports bra–like cut, it somehow truly feels like nothing when you put it on. I consider this bra a necessity on any long-haul flights and panic if I don't have a clean one at the ready. I also love that the brand produces multiple shades of nude and is produced in an eco-friendly and ethical manner."


"I am an underwire girl, but I also don't like to feel too constricted by my bras. This Natori one is the perfect blend of support and comfort. I can wear this bra all day and never feel a thing."

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