And Now, the Most Instagrammable Dress Trend of the Summer

There's no doubt that dresses are my go-to during the summer months. They're the easiest one-and-done piece I can dress up or down that will keep me cool in the sweltering summer heat. While there are plenty of dress trends for the taking this summer, there is one particular style that I can't stop obsessing over whenever it flashes on my feed: open-back dresses. In fact, backless dresses are one of the most captivating dress trends of the season, perhaps because they're so subtle yet striking in their simplicity. And whether you opt for a maxi dress or a back that is wide open, you can pretty much guarantee a captivating summer look. If you're enamored with the trend as much as I am, take take a look below at my absolute favorites to shop at the best online dress retailers right now.


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Judith Jones
Senior Fashion Market Editor

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