Call Me Intuitive, But I Think Everyone Will Be Wearing This in 2 Seconds

There are certain brands that could make literally anything and we would wear it. One of those brands is, without a doubt, Staud. Beyond the extreme hype generated around its clear PVC and net handbags (seriously, getting your hands on one of those babies is like competing in The Hunger Games), Staud's ready-to-wear collections drive extreme excitement in fashion girls all over the world. Just this week, Staud dropped its High Summer 18 collection, and let me tell you, I have a strong feeling that fashion girls everywhere are about to be wearing everything from the collection in two seconds flat. I am not confident about a lot of things, but this, my friends, is one thing I'd bet a lot of money on. Basically, this collection is about to blow up, and you heard it here first.

The new summer collection includes a color palette packed with rainbow stripes, bold reds, and bubblegum pinks, just to name a few. Didn't get your hands on one of the coveted carryalls last season? Fear not, because this time around, they are cuter than ever and not completely sold out (yet). Speaking to the fabulous new pieces, Staud says, "We started by focusing on summer essentials and silhouettes that will flatter all body types, especially for the months of May and June. Each piece has a unique detail, whether it be a raffia trim or mollusk shell strap that's added to simple silhouettes to make them a great go-to for summer packing. We also really focused on creating clothes and handbags that work for urban summer living. It's always difficult to find the balance between being too covered while also being summer appropriate. Our handbags for the season are great for transitioning from day to evening for the girl on the go. We wanted to make summer as easy as it should feel!"

So far, the idea of summer is feeling great, and once we all get our hands on the brand-new Staud pieces, it will be looking even better than it feels. Ahead, shop some of my favorite pieces from the High Summer 18 collection, and shop everything I didn't include right here.

Speaking of things I want to wear ASAP, check out the swimwear trend that, as a petite lady, makes me feel extremely tall.

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