I Swear These 8 Fashion-Insider Pieces Are Magnets for Compliments

I basically spot trends for a living and believe me when I say it's both a blessing and a curse. Since I'm constantly reporting on the latest trends to hit the market and the pieces fashion insiders are crowning It items, I'm always on top of the coolest new pieces to hit the fashion world—and am much more likely to jump at the opportunity to add them to my own closet. While I've learned to pick and choose a few key pieces to make my own (I'm not afraid of a good statement clothing item, to be honest), there are a few of these insider items that have garnered the most interest from friends, strangers, and Instagram followers alike.

Below, you'll find the eight items that have consistently earned me loads of compliments and a flurry of "where did you get that?" inquiries each time I wear them or post about them to my social media. The fashion world has crowned these It items, but I can personally attest that they are crowd-pleasers IRL, too. From a pair of slime green pants that make me feel seen to the jewelry item celebs always wear on the red carpet, see how I'm wearing each one and, if you're so inspired, add them to your cart, too.

Staud Croc-Effect Nic Bag

Structured, classic, and embossed with the It finish of the season, mock croc, this bag really nails everything that's trending at the moment. I can count on the fact that whenever I wear it—no matter whatever else I'm wearing—my outfit will be pulled-together and primed for a load of positive reactions from everyone I encounter. Since every Staud creation goes on to become an It piece, there's no surprise why its Nic bag has earned a loyal following of fashion people.

More ways to wear Staud's croc-effect bags:

Ganni's whimsical printed dresses are always fan favorites among the fashion crowd, and I finally added one to my own closet recently. When I posted a detail shot of the sleeve of this dress to my Instagram, I got so many comments and DM's about the dress—people were obsessed.

More ways to wear Ganni's pleated dresses:

COS Green Moiré Trousers

Does a clothing item ever make you feel really and truly seen? This is how I felt the first time I laid eyes on these wonderful slime green moiré patterned trousers. They are a little bit unexpected, which I think catches people off guard when I wear them out and about. I swear to you that every time I wear them, people go out of their way to comment, compliment, and inquire about where they're from.

More ways to wear COS's green trousers:

I've highlighted before just how beloved this piece is by seemingly every single fashion girl from Copenhagen to NYC. The infamous fur-trimmed statement coat comes in a zillion colors and two lengths, but I'm a fan of the shorter polka-dotted version that's so fun to wear and just as easy to style. The fuzzy cuffs are what people comment the most on whenever I wear it, asking to feel the (beyond-soft) texture.

More ways to wear the Saks Potts dotted jacket:


KatKim's red carpet–approved ear pins are absolute stunners. From Lady Gaga to Dua Lipa, celebs are obsessed with the one-of-a-kind jewelry piece—and frankly, so am I. After trying one out for myself, I immediately understood what all the hype is about. Sure, they're not exactly cheap, but styling one with your hair tucked back makes for a major jewelry moment that will rake in the compliments left and right.

More ways to wear KatKim's ear pins:

There's no denying that the '90s are trending hard in fashion right now, and in my opinion, a leather-looking trench coat is the best way to nail the throwback aesthetic and earn a flurry of compliments at the same time. I opted for a vintage-y hunter green piece, but as you'll see below, fashion people are also favoring the classic black versions, too. 

More ways to wear faux-leather trench coats:

NST Studio Silk Cloqué Knot Bag

There's really nothing like a unique handbag to attract a wave of compliments from strangers and Instagram followers alike. For me, this is the lovely creation from Miami-based accessory line NST Studio. From the luxurious silk fabric to the knotted shape and dainty floral print, there's a lot to love about this piece. 

More ways to wear NST's Silk Cloqué Knot Bag:

Amazon Pearl Hair Clips

A certain under-$10 set of pearl hair clips from Amazon completely went viral this winter, and yours truly counts as one of their many fans. The hair clips popped up all over the street during fashion week and flooded our Instagram feeds in the weeks following and I can definitively say that they're a compliment-generating accessory as good as any.

More ways to wear Amazon's pearl hair clips: