6 Trends That Have Become Everyday Staples 

While most trends come and go—and some we’d like to go sooner than others—every once in a while, with enough traction, wearability, and support from both brands and retailers, a trend can rise above the rest and catapult to staple status. This means if you were one of the people to adopt it early, you get to reap the benefits of your investment for even longer than expected.

If not, with fall around the corner, it’s the perfect time to revisit your closet and make sure you have all your essentials covered. With that in mind, we reached out to expert Melissa Moylan, creative director of womenswear at trend forecasting agency Fashion Snoops, to give us some intel on the 2015 trends that are 2016 staples—so if you didn’t invest in them before, you’re sure to now.

Scroll through to see and shop the pieces that were once trends and are now totally essential.

Which of these former trends is now your favorite staple? Tell us in the comments! 

Opening Image: A Love Is Blind