My Dream Spring Wardrobe Costs $13,042

Now before you get all up in arms, please note there’s an invisible emphasis on the word dream from the above headline because, sadly, the idea of buying an entirely new wardrobe for the season is just that: a dream. Of course, while I would love to personally own all the below items you’re about to see, unless I happen to win the lottery tomorrow, $13,000-plus is a bit out of reach in terms of a shopping budget, but who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky.

Nonetheless, I really, really can’t help but be obsessed with a lot of things for the season ahead and thought it would be fun to put together a wish list of sorts and tally it up. Spoiler alert: It was fun! Plus, if you’re looking to invest in even one or two pieces for the coming months, you might want to consider some of my admittedly awesome picks. From trendy outerwear to my favorite wardrobe staples to the wedding guest dress of my dreams, see what I think is the perfect spring wardrobe below.