7 Outdated Spring Trends We're Leaving Behind and Their Timeless Replacements



No one loves the phrase “spring cleaning” like a team of fashion editors. We’re trained to have an “out with the old and in with the new” mindset when it comes to our wardrobes. The best way to have good style is to edit your wardrobe down to select pieces that feel effortlessly chic. Allow me to set an example. If you have five pairs of white jeans, keep the three that fit you well and look great to avoid looking frumpy on days when you grab your least favorite pair just because you haven’t worn them in a few months' time.

Right now, I’m convincing all of my friends that if something doesn’t work or feels on-trend anymore, get rid of it. Make space for things that bring you joy. With that being said though, I’m all about sustainable practices so when I asked my coworkers for their thoughts on a spring wardrobe refresh I insisted that they suggest replacements that are absolutely timeless. I’m at a point with my closet where I’m only interested in buying things that will last me for years to come and that’s how you should be too. Below, find the seven things our editors are replacing their trend-driven and outdated pieces with.

Skip: Cottagecore Dresses
Shop: A Cinched Waist Blazer



"I agree with the fashion director of UK-based store, John Lewis, that "we've got to move on," from floral midi dresses. Not that I don't have them and wear them, but I'm not buying any new ones at the moment. It's a trend that will always come back, so I'll just store mine until they feel fresh again. For this season, a cinched waist blazer is on my shopping list, which will serve as my go-to light jacket for spring. The hourglass effect is so flattering, and feels like a refreshing update from the oversize boxy blazers that have been dominating for a while now."



"Big puffed sleeves are cute and fun to wear, but I'm ready for something a little sleeker. Thanks in large part to Khaite, I'm slowly getting back into off-the-shoulder silhouettes, a trend that's too pretty not to cycle back around every few years."

Skip: Florals? For Spring?
Shop: Minimalist Tank Tops

"I know florals will always be in for spring but, thanks to the runways, this season I'm skipping the printed tops in favor of simple tanks."

Skip: Pleated Miniskirts
Shop: Sleek Maxi Skirts

"While pleated miniskirts were a fun trend I definitely indulged in, I'm officially retiring them in favor of longer hemlines that feel much more sophisticated and timeless. A sleek maxi skirt, whether tailored, knit, or denim, is the item I'm reaching for the most right now to give all my spring outfits a trendier feel."

"I'm over my super-fitted moto jackets and want to continue investing in more relaxed silhouettes (bonus points if it's distressed for that modern look)."

Skip: Colorful Frames
Shop: Classic Aviator Sunglasses



"Although I love a colorful pair of frames, I've noticed myself reaching for my classic aviator sunglasses lately. I'm looking to add a couple more timeless pairs that go with any look this spring."

Skip: Heavy Lug-Sole Boots
Shop: Timeless Styles

Just last year, I was living for my lug sole boots during spring—especially given the amount of rain we see in New York. I'm starting to learn towards more timeless and sleek styles that are still weatherproof.