I'm Already Dreaming About Spring Nail Colors, and These 7 Will Be Huge

I'm not one to gatekeep when it comes to nail polish. If I find a shade I'm in love with, I'll tell everyone I know about it. I always find that the ones people ask me most about are my spring shades. Yes, I have go-to's for every season. When the time rolls around, I like a few classic shades like pastel pink or green, but I also like to get ideas from experts about what colors are at the top of their lists. I know, it's a bit early to be talking about spring when we're in the middle of winter, but humor me. I know you like to stay ahead of the game as much as I do and you won't want to miss out on what nail artists say will be big. 

If you're curious, keep scrolling. I tapped two of the pros for what spring nail colors they'll be using and wearing on repeat this year.

1. Glacier White


(Image credit: @enamelle)

Celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein thinks a specific kind of white will be everywhere this spring. I'm not just talking about basic white, this pearly, glittery version is called glacier white and it helps you achieve one of the season's biggest trends. Even if you don't want something super white, you can opt for a pearly translucent topper for the same effect.

"I love layering LeChat's Perfect Match Sky Dust Glacial Dust and LeChat's Sky Dust Kindling Flame on any blue, pink, or pastel color," says Gerstein. "It will instantly turn it into a mermaid nail/color shifter. The difference between Sky Dust versus other glitters out there is it has an automatic flash velvet effect—it’s amplified velvet. It has different chunks of glitter so you get many different effects, including the biggest trend, velvet. You could also pair this with a magnet and give it a whole other effect."

2. Berry Red


(Image credit: @themaniclub)

LeChat Nails educator Hemi Park predicts that deep berry and magenta shades will take the 'gram by storm this spring. According to her, shades like this work so well for re-creating Skittles nails. "It can be called ombré nails with colors in the same hues or similar color groups," she shares. "With the Pantone color of the year being super vibrant and vivid, I suggest going bold with your skittle nails like a family of bright reds."

3. Baby Blue


(Image credit: @enamelle)

I know, I know—pastel shades for spring aren't exactly groundbreaking, but Park is sure we'll see folks going all in on this soft baby blue shade. "Baby blue with a hint of dusty grey will replace traditional white for the season," she says. You can either go for a grey-toned shade of blue or a light reflective, vivid baby blue like Sally Hansen's Babe Blue. If you want to really take it up a notch, go for an antique wallpaper design with baby blue à la Gerstein's nail look she created pictured above.

4. Seafoam Green


(Image credit: @themaniclub)

Next, let's talk about seafoam green, a vastly underrated shade, IMO. I'm not the only one who thinks so either. Park specifically loves LeChat Nails' Cucumber Mint because it captures the spirit of the season. "Minty pale green reminds me of a refreshing mojito, meaning [this shade is] perfect for pools and exotic vacations. [It's also] great for the early summer season."

5. Taupe


(Image credit: @sugarplumfairyfingers)

Never underestimate a simple, neutral shade like taupe. It's classy, looks great with anything you wear, and can act as the perfect base for a more colorful design like the one pictured above. Or, if designs just aren't your thing, it creates the perfect nude hue on the nails. Park loves this shade for spring in particular because there's so much you can do with it. Her taupe shade of choice is LeChat's Royal Tea

6. Barbiecore Pink


(Image credit: @themaniclub)

Even I've hopped on the Barbiecore train at this point. I recently got hot pink velvet nails and lucky for me, Gerstein thinks this type of bold shade of the color will carry well into spring. She's pretty sure OPI's new shade Spring Break the Internet is the one folks will flock to most. It's a hot pink with a bit of shimmer. Even if you're not into shimmer, you don't need it to hop on the Barbiecore trend. Go for a bright strawberry or neon color and it will easily still stand out.

7. Neon Orange


(Image credit: @sugarplumfairyfingers)

Park says swirl nails will be a hit this season and calls out colors like neon orange and pink as being perfect for the design execution. Neon orange is great if you're going for a retro mood and you can pair it with other brighter shades for extra pop.

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