The Only Nail Colors Worth Wearing This Spring, According to WWW Editors

We're not sure what's more predictable—moody nail polish shades like burgundy, navy, and eggplant for fall or feathery pastels like buttercup, robin's egg, and mint for spring. We'll let you debate, but we'd prefer to be a tad less predictable with our springtime manicures this year. Nails are the ultimate fashion accessory when it comes to our beauty aesthetic, and even if you're not one to swipe on a glittering lid, hot pink lip, or graphic liner, a super-cool and unanticipated spring nail color is an easy way to step up your beauty game without feeling overly ostentatious. That said, if you want the lid, lip, and nail, more power to you.

We've already conducted some research this winter in terms of everything nail-related. I sacrificed my fingers to Julia Roberts's crystal-healing manicurist (eh, it's a tough job, I know), we've pinpointed the top nail destinations in both New York and L.A., and we've chatted with some of the top nail artists in the biz to find out what's in for spring and what's best left buried. (R.I.P.) That said, I was still curious. What specific colors and polish shades would WWW HQ be wearing on their tips the minute the clock strikes spring this year?

It's part of our job to be well ahead of the curve in terms of trends and launches, and we know the year's red carpet and runway trends like the back of our hand. Therefore, I pinged every single fashion and beauty editor two very important questions—what nail color will you be sporting this spring and why? From dove blues to pinks that have nothing to do with ballet studios or their associated footwear, keep scrolling for 15 VIP spring nail colors you'll spot on our editors' fingers this spring. 

1. Slime Green

"I know, I know, neon green is getting a little oversaturated these days, but a less *electric* shade of lime green may actually be the unexpected nail color I never knew I needed."

2. Dove Blue

"This dreamy shade of blue comes with all the apropos springtime pastels without any of the clichés."

3. Crayola Yellow

"I think I'm just in a phase of my life where I want my beauty aesthetic just to be whimsical and happy and not too serious, and lately the only nail color I really want to wear is bright yellow. Lucky for me, primary colors are trending in the nail world right now, and Chanel's new collection of them, including this perfect sunny yellow, is perfect for my spring vibe." 

"I'm really into primary colors for nails right now and a yellow mani feels especially fresh for spring. I'll be giving my red polish a break for the time being and reaching for this sunny shade instead." — Anna

4. Pistachio

"The fall/winter runways were flooded with pistachio hues, and since fall is still a ways away, I figured painting the minty yet murky color on my nails was the easiest way to partake in the trend ASAP." 

5. Burnt Clay

"I've been loving variations of burnt orange for the past year or so now and have tried my fair share of formulas. Hester from Tenoverten is by far my favorite, and way more flattering and pretty than you'd ever expect. Not to mention, it's a great, far more interesting alternative to your basic nude." 

6. Dusty Blue

"Everyone assumes navy blue for winter and robin's egg for spring, but I honestly love this dusty shade of blue more than both combined. It plays well with any season but still feels light and airy enough for spring. Hence, the shade's very appropriate name. It also has a hint of periwinkle, so fans of purple will love it too." 

7. Crushed Hot Pink

"I'm not going to say I don't wear neon hot pink in the spring and summer, because I most definitely do. That said, if I don't want an in-your-face color slam, I trade in my neon for this slightly more muted shade of my fave shade of pink. It compliments every skin tone, and I find it cooler than coral. (Sorry, Pantone.)" 

8. Frosted Rose

"I've replaced all of my old beiges, grays, and baby pinks with this iridescent nude shade from Smith & Cult. It's the perfect option if you like some shimmer but don't want full-on sparkle, and it's also great if a strong dose of color isn't your cup of tea. I rack up so many compliments from strangers when I wear it and have fallen into the pattern of wearing it back to back to back to back again." 

9. Poppy

"I love a true, classic red any time of the year, but for spring, a slightly more orange take—like this stunning shade of poppy—has a bit more pep which I love. Plus, it's just one of those colors that makes you happy whenever you catch a glimpse of your mani!" 

10. Pearlescent Oyster

"J. Hannah’s new pearly nail polish feels like a welcome change from my normal shiny polishes."

11. Sage Green

"I'm really into this sage green/pistachio hue that is popular on the fashion circuit, but I'll be trying it on my nails this spring too!" 

12. Classic Red

"I always stick to classic red for nail polish, no matter the season. This Chanel version is my all-time favorite and it will never go out of style." 

13. Opaque Beige

"Some of my favorite spring trends have also inspired me to venture out into some new nail colors—I can imagine this head-to-toe beige look can only get better with a matching mani." 

14. Periwinkle Grey

"I just got a manicure with Kanpai OPI! and found it to be the best periwinkle shade I’ve found. If you like gray nail colors but want something a little prettier for spring, you’ll love this."

15. Ruby

"I tend to stick to classic colors so you usually won't find me wearing anything that is too trendy. For spring, I retire my darker burgundy winter polish for cherry shades. Chanel's Le Vernis in Pirate is honestly the most perfect color, and I've already started wearing it on repeat." 

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