I'm Always Asked What Nail Polish I'm Wearing—This Little-Known Brand Is It

I love nail polish, and when I say that, I mean it. I have over 100 in my collection (yes, I counted), and that number used to be much higher until I took it upon myself to make cuts. It saddened me to do so, but I had to. At the time, my collection was taking over an entire shelf in my closet, and I needed that space for other things, like, well, clothes. 

So, I consider myself a connoisseur of nail polish, and I like to collect only the colors that make me happiest—whether that's a soft French-inspired pink, a vivid seaside blue, or a perfect cherry red. 

Lately, I've been reaching for all of those shades (and more) thanks to one, underrated nail polish brand called Habit Cosmetics. The brand sells some of its nail polishes at Target, but I've discovered that not everyone knows about it. And that's a shame because it has some of the best nail polish shades in the game. Keep scrolling to shop my favorite shades.

My Favorite Shades

First up, I tried the shade Bardot, which is a soft pink that made me swoon at first sight. It definitely required two coats for full coverage, but once they had both dried down and I added a shiny topcoat, I was in love. This is definitely a color I'll come back to time and again.

Knowing that I did two coats of the previous pink shade, I expected to do two coats of this blue color, too. However, I stopped at one because it gave my nails a cool transparent look. It was hard to show on camera (the picture doesn't do them justice), but it almost looked like I had those trendy jelly nails. And even though my nails were super short at the time I was wearing this shade, I couldn't help but think it would look incredible on a long, almond-shaped set. 

While I have a bevy of red shades in my current collection, this one stood out to me, as it looked muted or almost matte in the bottle. On my nails, it was a striking berry tone. In fact, it almost verged on magenta (which just so happens to be the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year). I loved the pop of color, and it's, yet again, a shade I'll come back to.  

This unique off-white was my neutral shade of choice. It's different than the neutrals I usually wear, which tend to be classic nudes. I'm glad I ventured out of the norm, though, because it gave my nails a smooth, clean, and elegant look. It's a color that works just as well for a work meeting as it does for Sunday brunch. It's exactly what a neutral polish is supposed to do. 

I can't emphasize enough how much I love bright-blue nail polish. It might seem like a strange choice compared to classic beige, red, and pink, but it never fails to make me feel just a little bit happier. I used to only wear it in the summer, but now I'll reach for it occasionally in fall, winter, and spring too. It's just so vibrant and eye-catching. And since I tend to wear a lot of neutral clothes, it gives my daily outfits a nice pop of color. 

This bright blue has become a new favorite. The shade, which is called Swimming Pool, is so flattering. It'll look amazing on every single skin tone. (You can quote me on that.)

Honorable Mentions

I love burnt orange, and this one, called Tandoori, might be the best one I've found yet. 

Don't ever let anyone tell you that dark nail polish should only be worn in winter. It works year-round. You heard it here first. 

A bright red-orange never goes out of style.

This lavender polish has a light-reflective pearl effect. 

Like I said, I'm a sucker for bright blue.

I have no doubt this color is fashion-crowd approved.

Shop 5 Products for a Professional-Looking At-Home Manicure

Start by trimming your nails to the perfect length. 

Next, file them into your desired shape.

I always like to apply cuticle oil to my nails before a manicure (making sure to wash it off before painting, though). I'm obsessed with this one. With regular use, it keeps my nails strong and smooth.

This is the real secret to a perfect at-home manicure. After painting my nails, I dip this small brush into nail polish remover and swipe it carefully around the perimeter of each nail. It gives a salon-like finish. 

Finish with this glossy topcoat. (It's my favorite.)