I Had My Dad Review the Latest Springs Trends, and the Commentary Was Gold

I never thought I’d be typing this, but dad style is officially having a moment. Sure, it’s been sneaking its way into the fashion scene for the last few runway seasons in the form of a harmless accessory or two (think fanny packs, bucket hats, etc.), but as of late, the fashion world’s darling is no longer a Hadid but instead your own father. From cargo pants to Teeva-inspired sandals, and, of course, dad sneakers, dressing to impress the paternal figure in your life has never been more on trend. As fashion month is upon us, I thought it only fair I turn to this season’s sartorial muse, my own father, for his take on the latest big trends.



Stephanie Perry 

As a bit of background, our fashion insider resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts; works for a green-energy company; and has worn the same cargo pants to our Christmas party for the last fours years because “he likes all the pockets.” When asked who his style icon was, he said, “What?” Then, after further explanation, “Probably Pierce Brosnan or Keanu Reeves.” The one item he’s most excited to purchase for spring is “a new blazer,” which is adorable. Despite his initial confusion, he took this assignment seriously. Scroll to read his honest thoughts, and shop the looks.

Trend #1: Netting

Whether worn alone, layered atop a tee, or designed into a dress, fishnet and crochet-inspired looks were a highlight across the SS 19 shows. The see-through look probably is not HR-approved, but when styled correctly, it's an interesting juxtaposition of head-turning and effortless.

My dad's take: "I don't generally like the fishnet look. It feels lazy and a bit undone. However, the Phillip Lim was very nice, and the color was great. I'm assuming the J.W.Anderson look is made to be worn on top of pants? Otherwise, that might feel a bit inappropriate."

Tropical-inspired prints and pieces are the epitome of laid-back dressing, as they were previously more appropriate for beachside lounging than on the runway. Regardless, from the classic flower print to bright sunset-inspired hues, designers are drawing inspiration from coveted warm-weather locations and the vacation vibes that come with it.

My dad's take: "These looks are a bit all over the place and feel sloppy as a whole to me. I do think some brands nailed it, like Calvin Klein. It feels inspired by the tropics without being too costumey. If I were to wear this trend, I'd probably have to stick to a simple tropical shirt and wear it to a casual setting like a cookout or an outdoor pub."

Whether it's a blend of a muted hues, pastel designs, or bright primary colors, tie-dyed designs are taking center stage in the form of button-down shirts, pants, dresses, and shoes alike. 

My dad's take: "When I think of 'hippie,' I think tie-dye and casual. I usually also think of tie-dye apparel being a T-shirt, but I liked the use of a non-traditional tie-dye look on a jacket or on a button-down shirt. It's a really unique approach, but I still prefer the old-fashioned traditional Haight-Ashbury Summer of Love look of denim and a tie-dye T-shirt."

Everyone from Burberry to Chloé has been a proponent of ditching flashy rainbow colors in favor of a more muted look that's undoubtedly chic, clean, and timeless. 

My dad's take: "I really like the tones of this style. Many of the more conservative designs, in particular Burberry, would be perfect for work or any professional setting. I'd say this is my favorite trend of the season."