Jonah Hill: Ultimate Purveyor of Dad Fashion



You might think I'm joking by writing an article singing the praises of Jonah Hill's wardrobe of all celebrities out there. But I'm not, and you've found yourself here, so let's get into it. I don't need to tell you that all things dad fashion are legitimately "in" these days; one scroll through any recent street style roundup would exhibit an unmistakable amount of clunky sneakers and a smattering of bucket hats. Fashion girls may be testing the waters here, but no one has embraced "dadcore" at such full force as our man Jonah Hill (except maybe Justin Bieber).

What first started as a few beanies and baseball hats quickly evolved into a full-on Hypebeast-style aesthetic, and before we knew it, the internet just wouldn't shut up about Hill being everyone's favorite unlikely style star. Suddenly he was the subject of countless memes and the inspiration behind the Instagram account @jonahfits, which, as you might have guessed, chronicles his best street style moments. You might be laughing to yourself now, but just wait until you realize you've probably worn an outfit that looks very similar to his. The bucket hat + tie-dye shirt + basketball shorts combo (slide 10) is eerily similar to a Kaia Gerber outfit from this summer, so you do the math.

For the biggest inspiration of dad fashion to date, I present you with the following Jonah Hill outfits. From basketball short to bucket hats, baggy jeans to tropical-print shirts, the man nails it all. Keep reading to see what we mean.

Jonah, keep up the good work.